Precitool - Fenwick

For more than 39 years we have been a partner in the Electronics SMT industrie in the Benelux market.  Together with our Fuji Machines (Surface Mount Technology Equipped Mounters) we also offer machine from TSM (Reflow systems), ILJIN (Board Handling) and PEMTRON (3D-SPI, 3D-AOI Inspection). These machines combined with our Koki Solder Paste means we can provide a total solution for all your SMD requirements. 
Through the years we have gathered an extensive knowledge about the entire process that we are glad to share with our customers.
As a sales- and service-minded company we try to reach a partnership with our customers based on mutual respect and understanding.

History of Precitool-Fenwick


The history of Precitool-Fenwick goes back to 1980 when Mr. Otto Grimm (RIP) founded the company Precitool.
The original goal was the sales and service of Honing machines from the brand Sunnen in the Benelux market. Sunnen was, and still is a renowned American machine manufacturer from St Louis.

In 1990 the company Fenwick (St Ouen Fr.) acquired all the shares from Mr. Grimm and Precitool-Fenwick was born.
Since then, the activities from Precitool-Fenwick where expanded with an Electronics department to provide a better service for the Fenwick customer in the Benelux.

After many years Precitool-Fenwick has grown into a mature Sales and Service organization in the Benelux, specializing and focusing on our core business: Surface Mount Technology (SMT).