Fuji Machines

With a high productivity, flexibility and accuracy Fuji is placed at the top of the Surface Mount Device (SMD) machines. 
The reliability of the Fuji Machine makes them unique in their market.
The production-quality of these machines is the key to their succes.

With the NXT3 machines, Fuji has developed the third generation of the well known modular NXT system.
The exchangeable heads and modular design of the machine are only a few of the many advantages.

Based on the NXT, the third Generation of AIMEX machines has also been released.
The AIMEX3(c) ,designed for High Mix and low volume production, has the same accuracy and reliability as the other machines from Fuji.

The fuji sFAB machine will close the automation gap at the end of the production line.
This machine has the possibility to place all manual component (THT, radial, axial, stick,...) with a very high accuracy and repeatability.
It can mount components up to 110mm high.